Our Group


Mitra Dana Top Finance (MDTF) began to expand its business realm to the microfinance sector, hospitality sector and banking sector. With a mission to be one of the best business groups in Indonesia, MDTF always strives to provide the best service under the strong leadership and support synergetic collaboration with thousands of professional employees.

Located in big cities, such as in Jakarta and Bandung, SHAKTI hotel is designed for businessmen and travelers. SHAKTI hotel gives the feeling of a second home is a smart choice for those who seek accommodation at an affordable price and the best service from all cities/countries who visit Jakarta and Bandung.


BPR Bahtera Masyarakat serves as a company to accommodate savings and deposits for community which the funds will be distributed back to the community in the form of capital loans for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well as for consumptive needs.


Shakti Top Finance provides financial service for community of Indonesian women, who want to start a business or expand their current business. Shakti Top Finance focuses on helping women who have low income and do not have access to financial services in general.